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Date Presentation Title Presented By
05/12/2019 Recent maintenance + what’s happening Bart Steegmans - IBM
05/12/2019 A Handful of Application Development Goodies in Db2 12 Emil Kotrc - CA-Broadcom
05/12/2019 Continuous Delivery - The Mechanics  Bart Steegmans - IBM
05/12/2019 How do CA-Broadcom and BMC handle Continuous Delivery Emil Kotrc (CA-Broadcom) Jim Dee (BMC)
05/12/2019 Continuous Delivery and BMC Jim Dee (BMC)
05/12/2019 Plans for deploying Continuous Delivery @  KBC Gilbert Sieben - KBC
05/12/2019 Db2 and IMS Continuous Delivery@KBC Dirk Beauson - KBC
14/11/2019 Management of High volume transactions @ BNP Paribas Fortis Leo Van Looy, BNP Paribas Fortis
14/11/2019 COLDBASE start - training for when it is needed Gerrit Oosterhuis, IBM 
14/11/2019 Using Real-Time IMS Data for Security Analysis  Nick Griffin – BMC
14/11/2019 Developer journey to REST API Vaclav Koudelka - Broadcom
14/11/2019 Innovative Customer Solutions to IMS Challenges  David Schipper - BMC
14/11/2019 The 4 Paths to Digital Transformation in IMS Haley Fung - IBM
14/11/2019 Mastering DevOps and Cloud provisioning with IMS Haley Fung - IBM
20/06/2019 GSE DB2 AlwaysOn KBC Yves Vangheluwe, KBC
20/06/2019 zHiperwrite to help Db2 mobile workload Jan Tielemans, KBC
20/06/2019 Power to your monitors Javier Estrada Benavides, Broadcom
20/06/2019 Db2 for zOS JC Greatest Hits War Stories and Best Practice 2019 Bart Steegmans, IBM
20/06/2019 Db2 12 for zOS Migration Planningand Early Experiences ? Part 1 John Campell, IBM
20/06/2019 Db2 12 for zOS Migration Planningand Early Experiences ? Part 2 John Campell, IBM
20/06/2019 Db2 for zOS and Continous Delivery John Campell, IBM
20/06/2019 Db2 for zOS Best Practices for Continuous Availability John Campell, IBM
20/06/2019 Db2 changes not tied to FL_Update_GSE June 2019 Bart Steegmans, IBM
28/3/2019 What’s new in Db2 V12 since GA Phil Grainger, BMC
28/3/2019 What are customers doing with Db2 in Belux in 2019  
28/3/2019 Aha! Ideas Education for Our Db2 for zOS Users Bart Steegmans, IBM
28/3/2019 PTFs : what’s new Db2 changes not tied to FL_Update Bart Steegmans, IBM
28/3/2019 Automation and ‘Reorging for Application Performance Phil Grainger, BMC
28/3/2019 The previous in practice Steven Goedertier, Colruyt Group
15/11/2018 IMS integration needs, an interactive session moderated Hélène Lyon – IBM
15/11/2018 IMS and Analytics Dave Schipper – BMC
15/11/2018 Modern IMS database Management with DDL & IMS Explorer for Development Clive Harrriss - IBM
15/11/2018 The IMS Catalog - a real life implementation Brahm Lambrechts  - IBM
15/11/2018 The ABCs of IMS Managed ACBs Clive Harrriss - IBM
18/10/2018 PBR RPN and other availability improvements in Db2 12 Haakon Roberts (IBM)
18/10/2018 All about triggers  Steve Thomas (CA)
18/10/2018 DB2 12 for Z installation at DTO Oscar Paalman (Belastingdienst NL)
18/10/2018 zOS Db2 Utilities: The Very Latest Developments Haakon Roberts (IBM)
18/10/2018 Db2 12 migration @KBC Gilbert Sieben (KBC)


Db2 Encryption on IBM Z Georg Kistremberger - IBM Germany
7/12/2017 Continuous delivery for Db2 12 Georg Kistremberger - IBM Germany
7/12/2017 PBR RPN - Removing partitioning restrictions in Db2 12 for z/OS Steve Thomas - CA
7/12/2017 Preparing for Db2 V12 Migration@KBC Gilbert Sieben - KBC
7/12/2017 Preparing for Db2 V12 Migration@Colruyt Steven Goedertier - Colruyt
09/11/2017 IMS Continuous Service Delivery : What to expect Jeff Maddix –IBM
09/11/2017 IMS/Db2 Connection pooling Bart Steegmans - IBM
09/11/2017 IMS Region Automation Eddy Tiels – BNPPBFortis
09/11/2017 Making It Difficult for Those IMS Problems to Hide Jeff Maddix –IBM
09/11/2017 Opening the Door with IMS Connect and ODBM John O’Dowd – BMC
09/11/2017 Improve IMS Scheduling Uli Dillenberger – BMC
08/06/2017 Continious Delivery Didier De Cock - CA
08/06/2017 DB2 and APIE conomy Maryela Weihrauch – IBM
08/06/2017 Statistics@KBC Dirk Beauson - KBC
08/06/2017 DB2 Analytics Maryela Weihrauch – IBM


Are you getting the most value from RTS Jacek Rafalak - CA
23/03/2017 Trace Records: The Answer to All DB2 for z/OS Performance Questions Bart Steegmans - IBM
23/03/2017 DB2 as In Memory DB for zOS Bart Steegmans - IBM
23/03/2017 Automation, Healthchecks, KPIs Gilbert Sieben - KBC
23/03/2017 Monitoring DB2 at BNP Paribas Fortis Eddy Tiels - BNP Paribas Fortis
13/12/2016 Recent Changes in DB2 for z/OS Logging Steve Thomas - CA
13/12/2016 Recovery Tales from Experience Ken McDonald – BMC
13/12/2016 Backup & Recovery@Colruyt  Steven Goedertier - Colruyt Group
13/12/2016 Backup & Recovery@Euroclear Mattia Michelazzo - Euroclear
13/12/2016 Backup & Recovery@UNMS Jan Cannaerts - UNMS
20/10/2016 The New GDPR Security rules imposed by Europe and the impact on the European IT World Marcel Den Hartog - CA
20/10/2016 IMSV14@ABN/AMRO... The journey so far Gerrit Oosterhuis - IBM
20/10/2016 IMS Thrends and Directions Hélène Lyon - IBM
20/10/2016 The new grouping of IMS Regions and workload balancing @KBC Danny Denayer - KBC
20/10/2016 Analytics on z/OS - Increasing Business Value of IMS Applictions and Data Hélène Lyon - IBM
20/10/2016 IMS User Exits for Data Tailoring James Wilson - BMC
2/06/2016 An overview of DB2 12 for z/OS with the fast forward button active Bart Steegmans - IBM
2/06/2016 DB2 Utilities changes you should know Klaas Brant - KBCE
2/06/2016 User experiences with IDAA

Benno Zuure


Belastingdienst Nederland

2/06/2016 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator  - Real life use cases Patric Becker - IBM
2/06/2016 Bring on the Digital Enterprise John Barnard - CTO BMC
17/03/2016 System Performance at BNPPBF Eddy Tiels, BNPPBF
17/03/2016 The A to Z of DB2 system performance Phil Granger, BMC Software
17/03/2016 Analyzing performance using Statistics & Accounting reports Cristian Molaro, MConsulting
10/11/2015 11 Experiences migrating to DB2 11 Mattia Michelazzo, Euroclear
10/11/2015 DB2 V11 Migration@Colruyt Steven Goedertier, Colruyt
10/11/2015 DB2 Enhancements Requests : how to deal with them Bart Steegmans, IBM
10/11/2015 System tuning : Resetting your Pain thresholds Andy Ward, CA Technologies
22/10/2015 IMS & Analytics including IDAA Hélène Lyon - IBM
22/10/2015 IMS V14 Alison Coughtrie - IBM
04/06/2015 DB2 for zOS Bufferpool Tuning John Campbell, IBM
04/06/2015 DB2 Large Memory Tuning John Campbell, IBM
04/06/2015 DB2 11 for zOS Migration Planning and Early Experiences - Part 1 John Campbell, IBM
04/06/2015 DB2 11 for zOS Migration Planning and Early Experiences - Part 2 John Campbell, IBM
04/06/2015 Application Performance Tuning @ KBC Dirk Beauson, KBC


SYSLGRNX - From Darkness to Light Alain Pary, IS4F
26/03/2015 Ts_lgrnx_Parallel_sql Alain Pary, IS4F
26/03/2015 hextoint Alain Pary, IS4F
26/03/2015 Autonomic Utility Processing for DBA Maintenance Activities Eddy Tiels & Theo Somers, BNP PBF
26/03/2015 Utility database maintenance operations Bart Steegsmans, IBM


Startingtips forusingpure XML in DB2 on z/OS@ArcelorMittal Davy Goethals - ArcelorMittal
4/12/2014 DB2 XML @ Euroclear Michelazzo Mattia - Euroclear
/12/2014 Native XML : xpathandxquery, are youready? Kurt Struyf - Infocura
4/12/2014 The DB2 11 Charts– My Top 20 Features Andrew Ward – CA Technologies
23/10/2014 Maximizing Availability Sudipta Sengupta, BMC Software
23/10/2014 IMS V13@KBC Danny Denayer, KBC
23/10/2014 Set up of an IMS Security Baseline Leo Van Looy, BNP Paribas Fortis
23/10/2014 Dynamic Resource Definition with IMS Respository Alison Coughtrie -IBM
23/10/2014 IMS - Optimzed for Mobile Alison Coughtrie -IBM
23/10/2014 Working with new IMS people Sudipta Sengupta, BMC Software
12/6/2014 An Overview of the Extended LRSN and RBA Support in DB2 11 for z/OS Tim Zimmermann - IBM
12/6/2014 DB2 11 for z/OS: Availability Enhancements -More goodies than you may think Bart Steegmans - IBM
12/6/2014 What's New from the Optimizer in DB2 11 for z/OS Tim Zimmermann - IBM
12/6/2014 Kantelen' from Oracle to DB2 LUW Dirk Coppieters - IBM
12/6/2014 ACID or BASE? - the case of NoSQL Peter Vanroose, ABIS
27/3/2014 DB2 Connectivity at Euroclear Mattia Michelazzo, Euroclear
27/3/2014 Our challenges with managing  distributed access to DB2 for zOS Jeroen Meeussen, KBC
27/3/2014 Java Application Performance   on DB2 for zOS Ludovic Janssens, Infocura
27/3/2014 Understanding Distributed Processing Inside DB2 for zOS Paul Oostvogels, BMC Software
27/3/2014 Distributed access to DB2 for zOS: state  of the art Cristian Molaro, MConsulting Belgium
28/11/2013 What'sBig AboutBig Data? The Volume? The Size? The Value? Andy Ward, CA Technologies
28/11/2013 SQL StoredProcedures @ NVSM/UNMS

Bart Verboven - NVMS/UNMS

Stijn Vandenbosch -NVMS/UNMS

28/11/2013 Native SQL StoredProcedures at Allianz Belgium: a practical case Phillipe De Backer - Allianz
28/11/2013 Trends in Database Management Systems - The DB2 Perspective Namik Hrle - IBM
13/06/2013 IMS 13 - Quick look Steve Nathan – IBM
13/06/2013 Managing your IMS databases – Tips and Techniques Sudipta Sengupta – BMC Software
13/06/2013 IMS & MQ - Both supports: Implicit and Explicit Steve Nathan – IBM
13/06/2013 Automation in the IMS space – Can automation help address the diminishing IMS talent pool Sudipta Sengupta – BMC Software
13/06/2013 IMS Callout to services - WOLA & ODM & More Steve Nathan – IBM
6/06/2013 DB2 for z/OS, 30 Years of Innovation Jeff Josten, IBM
6/06/2013 Recent changes to DB2 for z/OS Logging Steve Thomas, BMC Software
6/06/2013 DB2 for z/OS & zIIP and zAAP -  the REDIRECT to Success  Timm Zimmermann, IBM
6/06/2013 DB2 10 (briefly ) and Beyond (V11) Jeff Josten, IBM
6/06/2013 Knowledge; How to get it from YOUR brain into HIS/HER brain?  Marcel den Hartog CA Technologies
6/06/2013 DB2 LUW 10.1 Cool Stuff No One Else is Talking About Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton UK
6/06/2013 DB2 LUW 10.5 with BLU Acceleration: First Impressions Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton UK
6/06/2013 Introducing DB2 10 temporal data features Peter Vanroose, ABIS
21/03/2013 Application Covering a smooth swift to INLINE LOBs and considerations Paul Oostvogels, BMC Software
21/03/2013 DB2 LOBying at ArcelorMittal Gent Davy Goethals - ArcelorMittal
21/03/2013 DB2 Lobs at work @ KBC Dirk Beauson - KBC
21/03/2013 DB2 for z/OS LOB usage considerations - Oops forgot about that ! Francis Desiron, IBM Belgium
06/12/2012 Application DB2 V10 Experience and Features @KBC Hugo Quinten, KBC
06/12/2012 DB2 V10 Upgrade Experience@ Colruyt Steven Goudertier, Colruyt
06/12/2012 DB2 V10 Upgrade Experience@ BNP ParisbasFortis Eddy Tiels, IRIS
06/12/2012 SD WorxInplementationof Temporal Data Luc Vermeiren, SD Worx
06/12/2012 Back to the Future with Temporal Data Andy Ward, CA Technologies


Turning Big Data into Information and ultimately insight?   Jan  Henderyckx, ENVIZION
21/06/2012  Big Data : Old News or New Hype? Marcel den Hartog, CA Technologies
21/06/2012 The What, How and Why of DB2 Accelerators Cristian Molaro, MConsultingBelgium
21/06/2012 Mainframe Warehousing at TME Frederic Bothy,  TME
21/06/2012 Mainframe Warehousing at KBC Dirk Beauson, KBC
21/06/2012 End -to End Business Analytics On System z ? Yes You Can ! Eric Michiels, IBM Belgium
21/06/2012 DB2 LUW - License Star Join Alain de Wilde, IBM belgium
21/06/2012 DB2 10 FOR LUW NEW FEATURES Jean-Marc BLAISE, DELTA DB France
21/06/2012 Reusing Oracle PL/SQL Code under IBM DB2 LUW Udo Brede, QuestSoftware Germany
26/04/2012 Why choose IMS/TM as your enterprise Transaction manager Hélène Lyon -  IBM
26/04/2012 Are your IMS databases recoverable?  Will you have a successful local or disaster recovery?  Duane Wente- BMC Software
26/04/2012 IMS 12  - Technical Overview Hélène Lyon -  IBM
26/04/2012 IMS 12 - Repository Alison Coughtrie - IBM
26/04/2012 Why modernize IMS database performance through auto discovery, work avoidance, and effective database management techniques Duane Wente- BMC Software
26/04/2012 IMS Explorer for Development Alison Coughtrie - IBM
15/03/2012 DB2 V10 Migration Experiences Erwin Claes, Honda
15/03/2012 DB2 V10 Migration at GAD Michael Dewert - IBM DB2 for z/OS Development
15/03/2012 DB2 10 Migration Planning and Very Early Experiences - Part 01 John Campbell  - IBM DB2 for z/OS Development
15/03/2012 DB2 10 Migration Planning and Very Early Experiences - Part 02 John Campbell  - IBM DB2 for z/OS Development
1/12/2011 The Evolution of DB2 (Virtual and Real) Memory Monitoring Florence Dubois
DB2 for z/OS Development
1/12/2011 DB2 Memory management Eddy Tield, BNP Paribas Forties
1/12/2011 Buffer Pools Through the Ages Andy Ward, CA Technologies
9/6/2011 Q Replication

Ludovic Janssens, Euroclear

9/6/2011 DB2 V10 Security Features

Dirk Coomans, IBM Belgium

9/6/2011 Audit approach of DB2 on mainframe

Jean Van Espen, KBC ICT Audit

9/6/2011 DB2 and RACF Teamed for Security Mark Nelson  – IBM Poughkeepsie
9/6/2011 The advantages of external security for DB2 and the migration towards RACF Kurt Struyf, Infocura
9/6/2011 CRYPTO CEXv3 pki Jean-Marc Darées, IBM Montpellier
9/6/2011 z/Secure

Rob Van Hoboken, IBM NL

9/6/2011 CIM For z/OS

Robert Kieninger, IBM Böbblingen

3/3/2011 Survey Results  
3/3/2011 Backup and Recovery Utility
Enhancements in V8/9/10
Bart Steegmans, IBM Belgium
3/3/2011 Defy Murphy's Law with DB2 Backup and Restore Paul Oostvogels, BMC Software
3/3/2011 DB2 Backup and Recovery procedures at KBC Ronny Vandegehuchte, KBC
3/3/2011 DB2 Backup and Recovery setup at Arcelormittal Davy Goethals, ArcelorMittal
2/12/2010 Applicative DB2 V9 Featuers Dirk Beauson, KBC
2/12/2010 Optimizing SQL Insert Performance Michael Dewert, IBM Germany
2/12/2010 Skip Migrarion V8 to V10 & Lob Support

Bart Steegmans, IBM Belgium

Michael Dewert, IBM Germany

2/12/2010 Survey Results  
18/11/2010 IMS 12 - It's Much Smarter  Freddy Van Der Elst, IBM Belgium
18/11/2010 Im Smart - I Use IMS  Jan Panneels, Sogetti
18/11/2010 HALDB - Migration and Maintenance Nick Griffin, BMC Software
18/11/2010 IMS Database Performance Nick Griffin, BMC Software
3/06/2010 Crossing over A Mainframer's Guide to DB2 LUW Jim Wankowski, Quest Software
3/06/2010 Database High Availability Solutions 2010 Klaas Brant, KBCE
3/06/2010 Everybody goes DB2 Datasharing Bart Steegmans, IBM Belgium
3/06/2010 Monitoring and troubleshooting distributed acess to DB2 for z/OS Cristian Molaro, MConsulting Belgium
3/06/2010 To Multirow Fetch or to Code Kurt Struyf, Competence Partners
3/06/2010 Implementing DB2 HADR Frederik Engelen, RealDolmen
3/06/2010 DB2 for the ORACLE DBA Jim Wankowski, Quest Software
3/06/2010 Experiences with a customer High Availability solution Vladimir Patcevski, Toyota Motor Europe
25/03/2010 Making DB2 V9 Sing Zeljen Stanic,  CA
25/03/2010 DEXIA - DB2 V9 Migration Experiences Alain Pary, Dexia Technology Services
25/03/2010 Honda - DB2 V9 Migration Experiences Maarten Bekaert, Honda
25/03/2010 Volvo - DB2 V9 Migration Experiences Willy Van Bunder, Volvo
25/03/2010 KBC - DB2 V9 Migration Experiences Ronny Vandegehuchte, KBC
25/03/2010 IBM - DB2 V9 Migration Status Update - Questions&Answers Bart Steegmans, IBM Belgium
 3/12/2009 Managing your ZPARMs in sickness and in health, for better or for worse .. as long,.. Paul Oostvogels, BMC Software
 3/12/2009 Documenting problems in DB2 for z/OS Francis Desiron, IBM Belgium
 3/12/2009 The "you have to know the DSNZPARM" bar has been raised Bart Steegmans, IBM Belgium
26/11/2009 High Availability @ KBC Jan Tielemans, KBC ICT
26/11/2009 IMS V11 : What can it do for you Freddy Van der Elst, IBM Belgium
26/11/2009 The Logical Answer : IMS Logical Relationship Aurora Dell’Anno, CA
24/09/2009 How to modernize applications on System z, SOA and z/OS the perfect match! Hendrik De Smet, IBM Belgium
24/09/2009 CICS in an SOA-centric environment Nick Garrod, IBM Hursley
24/09/2009 Connecting to CICS in an SOA Environment Nick Garrod, IBM Hursley
24/09/2009 DB2 Trends and Directions (Version X) Gareth Jones, IBM UK
24/09/2009 Talking with DB2: today's distributed connectivity options DB2 Cristian Molaro, Mconsulting Belgium
24/09/2009 What Role can DB2 z/OS play in an Innovative Architecture Gareth Jones, IBM UK
24/09/2009 SOA Governance @ Euroclear Wouter Devroye, Euroclear
2/04/2009 MTD, Measurement Driven Tuning Jan Henderyckx, Brainware
2/04/2009 Practical SQL performance tuning, for developers and DBAs Kurt Struyf, Competence Partners
2/04/2009 Building Flexible Database Systems: a review Dirk Beauson, KBC ICT
4/12/2008 Table and Table Space changes in DB2 9 Phil Granger, CA
4/12/2008 Monitoring SQL using the DB2 Statement Cache Paul Oostvogels, BMC Software
2/12/2008 DB2 9 DBA stuff every Developer should know Klaas Brant, KBCE
6/11/2008 Dynamic Resource Definition: Change your IMS online without IMS OLC process Freddy Van der Elst, IBM Belgium
6/11/2008 Access IMS through DB2 Stored Procedures Jan Panneels, Sogeti
6/11/2008 IMS V10 technical overview and a glance at V11 Hélène Lyon, IBM France
25/09/2008 What’s new in z/OS 1.10: Announcement and more Jean-Paul Goemaere, IBM Belgium
25/09/2008 System z Hardware and Software Enhancements in Data Serving Jean-Paul Goemaere, IBM Belgium
25/09/2008 New Data Warehousing possibilities on system Z Wolfgang Hengstler, IBM DE
25/09/2008 Data Warehousing on system Z .. from the new Redbook Cristian Molaro, Mconsulting Belgium
25/09/2008 I/O Performance and DB2 for z/OS with zIIP Hendrik De Smet, IBM Belgium
25/09/2008 Unicode experiences with DB2 Jan Tielemans, KBC ICT
25/09/2008 A vision or a new innovation to manage the lifecycle of your data Dirk Coomans, IBM Belgium
25/09/2008 User Experiences with zIIP and DB2 (2/2) Eddy Tiels, Competence Partners
25/09/2008 User Experiences with zIIP and DB2 (1/2) Jan Tielemans, KBC ICT
13/03/2008 Managing DB2, like it's (1999) 2008 Kurt Struyf, Competence Partners
13/03/2008 By the Pool with the (IF)CID's Andy Ward,CA
13/03/2008 Paneldiscussion : "Keeping your DB2 in good shape" (+ resultaten enquete) Panel Discusion
6/12/2007 Business Integration of your IMS assets Hélène Lyon, IBM France
6/12/2007 Replacement of SMU security @ KBC Johan Vanermen, KBC ICT
6/12/2007 What's New in IMS Connect Nick Griffin, BMC
11/10/2007 The DIBIS application infrastructure CICS transaction gateway Peter Christensen, IRIS
11/10/2007 10 Reasons to Fall in love with the mainframe Marcel Den Hartog, CA
11/10/2007 Rethinking the Role of Mainframe Computing Jean-Paul Goemaere, IBM Belgium
11/10/2007 Instant Connectivity options for DB2 UDB for z/OS Eric Michiels, IBM Belgium
11/10/2007 Connect with Kerberos authentication Davy Goethals, Arcelor
11/10/2007 Non-Mainframe to Mainframe 'new workload' Migration Eddy Tiels, Nexxar
11/10/2007 DB2 Stored Procedures : A window into the Mainframe Jan Panneels, Sogeti
11/10/2007 CICS Serves, Knowing Legacy is still making profit for the organization Jan Moeyersons, Adelior
11/10/2007 DB2 connect in a Microsoft environment Marc Cobaert, SD Worx
11/10/2007 What mainframe can learn from Distributed Computing Paul Oostvogels, BMC Software
29/05/2007 PureXML for DB2 9 : Z/OS and LUW Dr. Zhang, IBM Software Group, Silicon Valley Lab
29/05/2007 Introduction into XML and related technologies Paul Hermans, Amplexor
22/03/2007 DB2 V9 for zOS introduction Bart Steegmans, IBM Belgium
22/03/2007 Table Partitioning case study Steen Rasmussen, CA