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GSE BeLux is organising a Regional Conference dealing with interesting topics that currently keep IT managers and engineers occupied.


The Conference will be held in the Elewijt Center in Elewijt (Zemst) on Wednesday April 25th 2018, and will be a full day event : Starting 9 AM, ending 5 PM followed by a reception.

During the day you will have the possibility to visit the different booths of our sponsors, which will be centralised around the different conference rooms.

Parking places will be foreseen and free of charge.


This year the theme will be "IT as a competitive advantage". How can you get competitive advantages by fully leveraging the current possibilities of IT in your company? And what is the impact for your IT activities and IT department? These are the questions we will answer during this Regional Conference. 



There will be, besides an opening and closing keynote, several tracks in the conference: 

·         Informationas a competitive advantage: focussing on new ways to unlock value out of existing or new data and information

·         Security as a competitive advantage: focussing on how to protect your data and applications through best practices and architecture choice

·         Innovationas a competitive advantage: focussing on integrating new innovative IT technologies and the architecture around it, including hands-on sessions and demos.

·         Open Sourceas a competitive advantage: focussing on leveraging Open Source technology into your architecture

·         Infrastructure & Legacy as a competitive advantage: focussing on how to lead your market with smart choice in infrastructure and middleware and new ways of connecting legacy systems

·         Management track: a track for managers with less focus on technical content and more on business value of IT

·         GSE working groups track: a track provided by the different GSE BeLux working groups (Security, DB2, CICS, zOS)



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Please feel free to forward this mail to your peers and colleagues in your company.


This year’s conference is free of charge. (No show = 50 euro penalty)


In the meantime, if you have questions or remarks do not hesitate to get in contact with us:



                                                                                                                                  The GSE BeLux Team


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