CICS Systems
Number of Member installations       34
Number of Meetings per Year               1
Average number of Participants       18

De Heer Dirk De Schutter
Rue De Weert St. Georges 168,1390 Nethen

Mobile          0499/57.78.71                                                                      

De Heer Jo Van Hoey


IBM Liaison
Mevr Marie-Agnes Vandeuren

IBM Belgium
Bourgetlaan, 42


Steering Comitée member

Mevr Patricia Cordonnier

Sogeti Belgium
Jules Bordetlaan, 160
B-1140  EVERE




General Objectives
-   To learn about the experiences, initiatives and intentions of other Websphere and middleware Users.
-   To learn about, and to impact on the suppliers' offerings in the area of CICS.
-   To organise joint meetings with other Working Groups on cross-domain subjects (IMS/DB2, SOA, Security, Z/OS ..)

Specific Objectives 2018
In 2018 special attention will be paid to :
1. IBM Cics Announcements - New release ofWebsphere MQ.
2. Joint Venture with other Workgroups (Z/OS ?).
3. User's practical Experiences.
4. Cics feedback on Z14 Announcements.
5. Continue participation of the Luxembourg CICS GSE members.
6. Link with MQ Series.
7. Cooperation with WAS user Group outside GSE.

Target Membership
System people and developers specialised in CICS, Webservices and Transactional Messaging.

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