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2016_04_15 Metastore Presentation.pdf2.77 MB
2016_04_15 Enhanced RACF Password Security.pdf264.15 KB
2016_04_15 IBM MFA for zOS.pdf2.72 MB
2016_04_15 HW Crypto z.pdf3.7 MB
2016_04_15 zOS updates.pdf167.96 KB
2016_04_15 DBARS.pdf432.3 KB
2016_04_15 Vanguard Two Factor Authentication Solutions.pdf3.67 MB
2016_04_15 Vanguard Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities in z-OS & RACF Security.pdf1.57 MB
2014_12_12 Implementation of RBAC and Data Classification onto a mainframe system - v1.7.pdf1.02 MB
2014_06_20 Rocket Corporate Presentation.pdf2.18 MB
2014_06_20 Rocket Strong Authentication Expert for z.pdf1.74 MB
2014_06_20 Rocket LDAP Bridge.pdf751.12 KB
2014_06_20 Secrets of IMS Security V2.pdf814.75 KB
2014_06_20 Surviving an IMS Security Audit.pdf6.35 MB
2013_12_13 z security.pdf1.39 MB
2013_12_13_Event zos Hacking.pdf2.24 MB
2013_12_13_RACF SIGNATURE security conference 2013.pdf1.15 MB
2013_12_13_EF OpenPGP Update.pdf1.76 MB
2013_12_13_Digital_Certificates_and_PKI.pdf1.73 MB
2013_09_20 Securing the Enterprise - changing dynamics.pdf1.4 MB
2013_09_20 Secure Engineering.pdf698.56 KB
2013_09_20 Role of Security Officer.pdf1.37 MB
2013_09_20_Securing mobile devices.pdf4.5 MB
2013_06_21 Using IRRXUTIL to retrieve data from the RACF database.pdf306.67 KB
2013_06_21 WebSphere MQ Security.pdf13.21 MB
2013_06_21 CA Technologies - CA Chorus for Security and Compliance Management.pdf2.18 MB
2012_12_14 Securing Access to CICS.pdf710.37 KB
2012_12_14 zOS Communications Server Network Security Overview.pdf2.8 MB
2012_12_14 RACF RRSF APPC TCPIP transition.pdf965.24 KB
2012_09_07 Microsoft in the Enterprise.pdf3.76 MB
2012_09_07 IBM X-Force 2012 Cyber Security Threat Landscape.pdf6.54 MB
2012_09_07 Identity as a Service.pdf2.76 MB
2012_09_07 The Challenges of Web single sign-on.pdf2.55 MB
2012_09_07 Windows 8 Security Investments.pdf1.2 MB
2012_06_15 What’s hot What’s going on in mainframe security.pdf3 MB
2012_06_15 CA Security Overview.pdf1.18 MB
2012_06_15 SecureZIP zOS.pdf3.29 MB
2012_06_15 CA Data Protection.pdf1.49 MB
zOS 1.13 USS Latest Status and New Features_SHARE_in_Atlanta.pdf342.88 KB
2012_03_09 PKWARE Group Overview.pdf5.71 MB
2012_03_09 PKWARE Data-Centric Security.pdf1.52 MB
2012_03_09 Segregation of Admininstration Function on Windows.pdf3.65 MB
2012_03_09 IBM Security for Cloud Computing.pdf8.36 MB
2011_12_09 ACSP - V1-3.pdf752.84 KB
2011_12_09 Kerberos zOS and Active directory.pdf747.49 KB
2011_12_09 Kerberos zOS implementation.pdf372.55 KB
2011_12_09 Removal of BPX.DEFAULT.USER_.pdf478.07 KB
2011_12_09 whats new in zos 1.13.pdf1.21 MB
2011_06_09 DB2 Version 10 for zOS Security Overview.pdf391.66 KB
2011_06_09 RACF and DB2 Teamed for Security.pdf1.55 MB
2011_06_09 SystemZ CRYPTO CEXv3 pki.pdf2.22 MB
2011_06_09 The Advantages Of External Security For DB2 And The Migration Towards RACF.pdf347.76 KB
2011_06_09 zOS CIM Overview and Security Aspects.pdf1.99 MB
2011_06_09 zSecure update.pdf756.97 KB