« Thursday March 28, 2019 »
Start: 28/03/2019 13:00

Can you identify also with situations where you are swamped with data?

Often, we find ourselves facing an uphill battle sifting through large amounts of data and information that are available and trying to pull out the value.

For information related to Db2 for z/OS, GSE comes to the rescue. If you have a hard time keeping up with all the changes in Db2 12 since GA, we have asked Phil to wade through the changes and enhancements and extract the most valuable pieces for you. If that’s not enough, Bart will provide an update about the RFE process and the move to IBM Analytics Ideas, as well as some information about what’s new in Db2 11 and the latest from the PTF front. Together with you all, Jan will walk thru the current state of play of Db2 for z/OS in BeLux.