Presentations joined GSE Architecture – Hybrid Solutions event on December 2sc


Topic:              Demystification of the buzz around OpenStack

Speaker:          Mr Jan Vandenneucker - NRB

What can be expected if we talk about OpenStack?


Topic:             Hosting a private cloud

Speaker:         Mr Sven Vermeulen - KBC

How does KBC provides a self-service portal to stage virtual systems and manage the existing set-up? When all is said and done what charge back principles are in place?


Topic:            Enabling services       

Speaker:         Mr Stephan Petermann  - ASG


Topic:             How can you keep your cloud strategy options open ?

Speaker:         Mr Leslie Carré – SUSE

Open source delivers freedom of choice. Open source naturally encourages modularity, so with open source you can choose the best components for your situation, whether you’re a user working on a home machine or a systems architect developing a datacenter. Our approach is allowing organizations to rapidly deploy and manage an OpenStack platform.


Topic:             Cloud OpenStack Services

Speaker:         Mr Françis Werquin – IBM Belgium
In this presentation, IBM will tell about how to obtain and ensure flexibility for growth with a managed private cloud built on open standards. 

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